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- Lies in Modern Bibles (Full Length Documentary) :: A MUST see full length documentary detailing the major issue surrounding the Bible version issue. Many churches have bought into bad translations which have led to ignorance of important truths and doctrines. By Paul Wittenberger and Steven L Anderson.
- The King James Bible Is Superior :: A short video by Brian Price that explains how the King James is a far better translation of the Bible. Dated 1/11/2015.
- King James Vs. Other Bible Versions :: A short video by Dr. Kent Hovind that shows the differences between the Bible versions.
- The Received Text Versus The Critical Text :: Proof that the King James Bible is superior to the modern Bible versions.
- Did David Kill Goliath? Or Did Elhanan? :: An answer to those who claim the King James Version (KJV) has errors in it. Also explains the words in italics in the KJV. Dated 12/15/2013.
- Enough! The New King James Bible - Do We Need It? :: PDF book on the presumptuous New King James Bible and how its translators did not stay true to the Textus Receptus like the OLD King James Version translators.
- Comparing Different Bibles (KJV vs. NIV, NIV, NWT, RSV, NEB) :: A very detailed comparison of the different Bibles. By Mike Hoggard.
- Why I Believe the King James Bible is the Word of God :: One of the most prominent defenders of the King James Bible in the 20th century. By Peter Ruckman.
- Bible Version Verse Comparison Chart :: Ever wonder why you can't follow along with the Bible that your pastor is reading?
- The New International PERversion! by Dr. Terry Watkins :: Did you know the New International Version (NIV) removes 17 complete verses, 64,576 words, contains blatant lies and that's just the beginning. . . Must reading for every Christian!
- Look What's Missing; Even in Revelation :: by David W. Daniels. God promises to take away the man's name out of the book of life who takes away his words out of God's book!
- New Bible Version Promotes Fornication :: The Good As New Bible version is a real joke. It was more than likely created for to cause confusion among people, division among churches, and to assassinate the character of Christianity.
- 300 Bible Verses Changes Compared :: Bible Version Comparison Chart
- Which Bible Should You Use? :: Which Bible version is best? **Recently added on 10/17/2012***


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