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Online Books

- Foxe's Book of Martyrs :: Published in 1563, this book remains one of history's finest collection of true stories of Christians who suffered persecution for their Lord Jesus Christ.
- Tortured For Christ :: by Richard Wurmbrand. Bro Wurmbrand was in a Soviet prison for over 14 years for the crime of being a Christian.
- The Holy Bible :: 1611 King James Version (Authorized Version, a.k.a. KJV). When it comes to Bible versions, the KJV is KING.
- Behold a Pale Horse :: PDF Full Book By William Cooper.
- Martyrs Mirror Of The Defenseless Christians :: By Thieleman J. van Braght, written in 1660. This book is perhaps more detailed than Foxe's Booke of Martyrs! Great read.
- Enough! The New King James Bible - Do We Need It? :: PDF book on the presumptuous New King James Bible and how its translators did not stay true to the Textus Receptus like the OLD King James Version translators.
- What On Earth Is About To Happen For Heaven's Sake? :: By Dr. Kent Hovind. A book on the end times that details everything from the King James Version of the Bible to the Beast who will rule the world for 7 years, and finally to the return of Jesus Christ. Published in 2013.



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