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End Times

- Illuminati BLIND FOOLS & Their 'Unholy Mountain' :: An in-depth look at the Bible's prophecy about the New World Order, and a critical review of the wicked film from 1973, "The Holy Mountain." **NEW!! Dated 10/8/2013**
- Christians Are NOT Dangerous :: Anti-Christian manual labels Christians as evil. Dated 10/25/2013.
- Man Claims He Is Jesus Christ :: Crazy man in south Florida has told his followers to get 666 on their bodies, and they do it!
- Call Of Duty Reveals End of the World :: Incredible secret messages hidden in one the world's best selling game of all time that reveals the Antichrist and the desire of the devil to destroy mankind. **NEW!! Dated March 7, 2013***
- An Expose of the New Age :: Incredibly accurate article by an Orthodox Jew who exposes the Plan of the New World Order and the Anti-Christ. Exposes the Devil as the culprit behind the wheel who is driving this whole thing.
- The Illuminati Card Game :: "Smoking gun" proof that the Illuminati plan to attack on 9/11 was well known as far back as 1995! By Pastor David Bay of CuttingEdge.org
- Angels and the Daughters of Men :: See how angels have mingled with the seed of men! (Daniel 2:43)
- The Rapture :: A closer look into the Blessed Hope
- Maitreya is the AntiChrist & Raj Patel is Maitreya :: Exciting new information in regards to identifying the future World Leader.
- Who is the Illuminati? :: The Illuminati is a secret society who wants to take over the world.
- Do Aliens Exist? :: Are aliens really lifeforms from other planets? Or are they just fallen angels? A shocking video shows "evidence" for aliens, but is it all part of a global conspiracy?
- End of the World in 2012? Denver Airport? :: Jesse Ventura investigates the theory of the end of the world in 2012. And something strange is happening at Denver Airport. Zahra Malik and Chris Cheong explore Denver Airport and the eerie paintings inside. **MUST SEE**
- SVALI - Testimony of Former Illuminati Member :: Child sacrifices in the Vatican, secret military meetings, Illuminati members in government. All of this and more.
- Cartoon from 50 Years Ago Predicts the Future of America :: Giving up freedoms for security brings a person neither freedom nor security.
- Christians in America Will Be Obsolete :: Twilight Zone episode shows the future of the Christian in America. We will become obsolete.
Aquarius - The Age of Evil :: Full length documentary by Keith Thompson
- Exposing the Illuminati :: Beware of WHISPERING CAMPAIGNS.
- Are You Ready For His Return? :: Jesus is coming again. Are you ready? **NEW!! 9/25/2012**
- Video Game Reveals End of the World, PART 2 ! :: Area 51, the video game from 2005, reveals the activities of the Illuminati, and its expectation of "...the coming of the new God." **NEW!! 10/7/2012**


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