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Maitreya is the AntiChrist & Raj Patel is Maitreya
by Brian Price 1/14/2011

Watch the video "Raj Patel Is Maitreya" on GodTube

Below is an email sent from myself to a good friend of mine. He is also a Christian and was interested in knowing about Maitreya. He had never heard of him before, and I was more than happy to explain to my friend about this foe. To those reading this who have never heard of the AntiChrist, let me first explain to you that the Bible teaches of a man who will come during the last days. He will rule the whole world. He will also cause everyone to worship him as God. Those who refuse will be beheaded. Those who worship him will be allowed to live, and buy and sell, but God will cast them into Hell to burn forever. This is all recorded in the Bible. You can read about this man in Matthew chapter 24, Daniel chapter 7 - 11, 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, and Revelation chapter 13. Those are the best references that I can think of off the top of my head. This man was foretold of as far back as 2,600 years ago by the prophet Daniel! And now, in the year 2011, we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes, and yet, people still don't believe God is real. How foolish!

Now let me explain what you are about to read. It's very disturbing to some. So please, if you are one who is frightened easily by world events, please take earnest heed at what you are about to read. This man is REAL. He is not some looney out in Cuba or in some 3rd world country who is boasting himself to be somebody. NO. This guy has HUGE political power and influence that spans WORLDWIDE. Do the research yourself, and you will see that what I am saying is true.

May I also mention that the controversy surrounding this man is no small thing. When searching for a picture of Raj Patel (Maitreya), I found this one shown above in an article titled "Raj Patel is God." You can find it here at the following link: http://dailypostal.com/2010/03/16/raj-patel-is-god-stephen-colbert.

Stephen Colbert supposedly made this statement, I assume, shortly after his interview with Raj Patel on The Colbert Report. It certainly is strange that he made this statement since the AntiChrist will "[oppose and exalt] himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that he is God." (2 Thessalonians 2:4)

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For more information about Maitreya from a Christian perspective, I highly suggest Cutting Edge ministries and the books they offer there. They can be found at www.cuttingedge.org. Pastor David Bay is the director of that ministry and does an excellent job of exposing this imposter. He has already produced two highly acclaimed documentaries. One of which actually talks about Maitreya. The documentary is entitled Riddles In Stone. I highly recommend it! The documentaries are very well done, like that of the History Channel. So we are talking about good quality. Well without further ado, here is my letter to my friend. To the Christians, please read and heed. And God speed! To the unbelievers; repent before it's too late.

From: Price, Brian
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 3:24 PM
Subject: Maitreya is the Antichrist

Okay, let me first tell you about who this guy is…

New Age authors from the 1800’s and early 1900’s by the names of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey wrote of a man who would come who would bring peace to the world. They called him the Christ.

Benjamin Crème, a prominent figurehead of Share-International, has given an innumerable amount of speeches declaring “the Christ’s” arrival to the earth.

Below is a direct quote taken from Share-International’s website, www.share-international.org,

“Many now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Millions now know that the Teacher who fulfills all these expectations is already living among us. Maitreya, the World Teacher, has not come alone, but with a group of wise Teachers who have long guided humanity from behind the scenes. They are returning to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems. Maitreya is not a religious leader, but an educator in the broadest sense. He is here to inspire us to create a new era based on sharing and justice, so that all may have the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, health care, and education. His open mission in the world is about to begin. As Maitreya himself has said: 'Soon, now very soon, you will see my face and hear my words.'”

Pastor David Bay, director of Cutting Edge Ministries (www.cuttingedge.org), attended a theosophy seminar conducted by a Mr. Bill Lambert, which happened to be the New England Director of the House of Theosophy. A friend of Pastor Bay was a recent convert to Christianity who used to be involved in Theosophy, and this friend was cordially invited to attend the seminar, and was allowed to bring a friend. He asked Pastor Bay to come along. The House of Theosophy was established by Madame Helena Blavatsky in 1875. In the seminar, it was revealed that the New World Order was under way, and there were certain steps being taken to bring it to pass.

In the words of Pastor David Bay, “Then, Mr. Lambert revealed that, ‘when Lord Maitreya appears, he will appear as different beings to different people.

* He will appear as a man to a man and as a woman to a woman.

* He will appear as a white to a white, as a black to a black, as an Indian to an Indian, etc." - See http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1052.html

Now comes the spooky part. On January 14th, Benjamin Crème made the announcement that Maitreya had finally appeared for the first time on American television in an interview on a major TV station. He made the statement that he appeared "...under clad as Maitreya, just as one of us.” Two days before, Raj Patel, was given an interview on the news station Democracy Now! In it he spoke of peace, solutions to the world’s problems, and SHARING. The biggest hint at his tie to Share-International was all this talk about sharing, which is a fancy word for communism, as you can hear him speak about.

But, many people have never even heard of Democracy Now! So some would say that doesn’t count. BUT, he was also interviewed the SAME DAY on The Colbert Report. Many clues were given to as to who Maitreya’s identity would be. He was supposed to have flown from India to London in 1977. It just so happens that Patel also flew to London from India in 1977.

More clues also point to Patel as being Maitreya. One is the fact that Share-International has stated that Maitreya would "neither confirm nor fail to confirm" his identity as Maitreya. When asked if he was Maitreya, Patel replied, “Sadly, I'm not the Messiah. I’m just a very naughty boy.*”


Sounds a lot like his reply to the question, Are you a communist? He replied, “…not a communist, I’m just open minded.”**

** "A Big Think Interview With Raj Patel". Big Think. January 12, 2010. Retrieved October 31, 2011. http://bigthink.com/ideas/18171

Notice that he said, "Sadly, I'm not the Messiah." So you are sad that you are not the Messiah? Why is that Mr. Patel? Do you wish you were the Saviour of the world? Do you have some deep-seated desire to rule mankind and call your government The Kingdom of God? By the way, your book The Value Of Nothing sounds a lot like my website. Are you and your clan of dark sinister men stealing my ideas for your own deceitful ways? Hmmm.... Okay, enough comments from ME. LoL. Please continue reading....

As you can see from his lectures and his speeches, he is clearly a communist. Judging by his words, he uses the word “common” many times when referring to sharing foods and resources. A politically correct way of talking openly about communism.

Other interesting information about him:

Upon one interview by a New York Times journalist, a Youtube video was posted that showed Raj Patel in a house (whether his or someone else’s, it is not clear), where he is reading an article from Share-International.org concerning Maitreya. He reads about how the hand print of Maitreya was left on a mirror, and to simply compare his hand to Maitreya’s, he agrees to put his hand up to a replica of this hand print. From the video, you can clearly see how perfectly his hand fits Maitreya’s. Both Patel and the journalist laugh it off as if it simply doesn’t fit. But if one looks closely, one can see that indeed, his hand does fit perfectly, and the lines in his hand match perfectly with the replica.

Above is a screen shot taken from the home page of www.share-international.org showing the Hand of Maitreya on a mirror.

Below are pictures of Patel's hand being matched to Maitreya's hand from the mirror.



If you look very closely at the second and third picture, you can see that clearly, Patel's hand matches perfectly with the replica. Even the line in his hand lines up perfectly with the photo replica. Only someone easily deceived will disregard the whole video as preposterous because both the cameraman and Patel laugh it off as nothing. But the whole purpose of this video was to "neither confirm, nor fail to confirm" Maitreya's true identity!

Still not convinced? Okay, let’s take the simple Bible test. Who does the Bible say the AntiChrist really is?

“16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” - Revelation 13:16-18
Here we have a very clear scripture telling us to count the number of the beast, which is 666. As you can see, scripture mentions the phrase, “the number of his name.” Another verse in Revelation gives this verse again.

“And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.” - Revelation 15:2

Clearly we can see that the number of his name has significant importance. To identify who the beast (antichrist) is, we have to be able to count ‘the number of his name.’ Interestingly enough, Hebrew has a letter system which is equivalent to their number system. In other words, Hebrew letters have numerical significance. This system is called gematria. Sounds kind of like Maitreya doesn’t it?

Take the name Maitreya, and translate it into Hebrew. Then take those letters, and add them all up using the gematria numerical system, and you get exactly 666. Coincidence? Not quite. Because in Greek, you also have the gematria system. Letters also equal numbers. Translate the name Maitreya into Greek, and then add those letters up using the gematria system, and you get exactly 666 once again.

I had to make some modifications to this letter to make it more understandable, and to add things which help it to illustrate my thoughts. I also cut it short a bit short, but 90% of the above was taken straight from my email. Nevertheless, this was quite a bit to write, so I’ll have to stop here, but I’ll show you a video that I think is very interesting which I found on Youtube. Watch it whenever you get the chance. And just so you know, the video was made by a Muslim. So be careful if you decide to research further into the maker of the video. I'm sure you will find pro-Islam stuff. Howbeit, the video itself is VERY thorough, and well researched.

***1/5/2012 UPDATE***
I have recently stumbled upon Stephen Colbert's supposed "reply" to all the hoopla and internet gossip about Raj Patel being Maitreya. It just so happens that on March 15, 2010, almost exactly 2 months after his first interview with Raj Patel, Colbert got on to clear up all of the hysteria surrounding Patel. Here is the interview:

What I heard from his lips was utterly astounding to say the least. And if you watch the interview, it is all done in JEST. Hmmm.... What is that famous proverb we have?


But here is what is strange...

During the second interview, it says clearly above the video of Benjamin Creme that the video of Benjamin Creme announcing Maitreya' appearance on a major television network was on January 10, 2010. Then a few seconds later, Colbert shows us his first interview with Raj Patel on January 12, 2010. That's two days after Creme announced to us, saying, "Maitreya... the Master of all the masters came on a well known television program."

Here are some photos to show you what I mean:


As you can see, the dates are clear. January 10, 2010 for Benjamin Creme's Announcement. And January 12, 2010 for Colbert's interview with Patel.

HOWEVER, Share-International.org plainly says that it was on January 14, 2010 that Benjamin Creme gave his announcement! That's two days AFTER Colbert's initial interview with Raj Patel.

You can see a screen shot of Share-International's front page here:

Why is that significant? Well, could it be that Colbert, or his producers, are trying to hide the truth about the dates? You be the judge. If they are, this is just another attempt of the global elite to hide the facts, or at least, to get the people to just "blow it off" as silly. My friend, the Anti-Christ is nothing to laugh about. The actual order of events goes like this:

1. Democracy NOW interviews Patel on January 12, 2010.
2. Stephen Colbert also interviews Patel on January 12, 2010.
3. Benjamin Creme gives his announcement of Maitreya's American television interview(s) on January 14, 2010.

For some great referencing, check out www.cuttingedge.org. It is, in my opinion, the best information on End Times that there is out there on the internet.

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