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Woman Remembers Christian Friend 40 Years Later & Gets Saved!
By Jim Collins 5/31/2013

Friends, I know and I apologize ahead of time for such a lengthy story, but I trust that it might be a blessing to someone in their work for Christ and an encouragement to stay at it when our witnessing seems to fall on deaf ears. Back in 1972, I was working afternoons in a factory. One evening at dinner time, 6 co-workers and myself were sitting together at a table in the lunch room. I began to tell my friends that night how the Lord had saved me some 6 months earlier and how they too could come to know this same Wonderful Saviour. A young woman named Marilyn, who was about my age said, "You must be one of those Jesus Freaks." Now, that was a popular term that some folks liked to toss around in the late 60s and early 70s, much like that handle,"of this way" in Acts 9:2, to describe Christians who loved the Lord and were not ashamed to publicly share their faith. Amazingly, none of the other people at the table cracked a smile or said a word.

Fast forward 40 plus years now to today, May 30th, 2013.

I had received the name of a prospect for Life Insurance about a week ago from a satisfied client who had a friend named Marilyn in need of some insurance coverage. I didn't think much about it at the time. This last Tuesday, I contacted by phone this woman named Marilyn, and secured an appointment to review her financial needs and see how we could go about solving those needs. Just a tad before noon today, in a rather dingy neighborhood in Ann Arbor Mi., I knocked on the door of this woman named Marilyn. Within a few moments, the door opened, and there stood Marilyn; the same Marilyn who made that remark, "Jesus Freak" some 40 years ago. I immediately recognized her and she must have recognized me, gray hair and all, for she said, "I remember you, we used to work together a long time ago. Do you remember me?"

To be honest with you, I sort of groaned within myself, not immediately knowing at that time what the Lord was up to, but said with my best Sunday go to meeting smile, "I sure do Marilyn, it's good to see you again." Following some small talk, I sadly learned that Marilyn was not in the best of health and we both knew that a standard issue app. was pretty much off the table.

She agreed to a Modified Whole Life policy that would offer her the best benefits she needed and one she could comfortably afford. We talked a little more after the deal was inked, and she began to disclose in some detail her downward plunge to poor health. For nearly 35 years, there was an over abundance of alcohol and drug abuse that I couldn't help but notice had carved its misery all over her face. There had been multiple sex partners in years past, which I perceived was the result of her 3 failed marriages.

As she began to wind down on her "Woman at the Well" like lifestyle, I was completely taken aback when she looked at me and said, "You know Mr. Collins, I want to apologize for calling you a "Jesus Freak" years ago when we were working together."

Beloved, you could have knocked me to the floor with a single strand of sewing thread. I was overwhelmed with her memory of the event! I finally blurted out, "Ah, Marilyn, don't let that come between us, maybe that was something you felt uncomfortable with way back then, but that just may not be the case as we sit here today."

Then this woman began to sob and weep like none other I've ever encountered before in my witnessing experiences. While she sat there wiping her eyes, I said to myself in so many words, "Well Jim, here's somebody Jesus wants to save right here and right now!"

Within moments, she graciously allowed me to share with her the Greatest Story this side of Glory. How wonderful to watch the Spirit of God deal with her heart as she read the verses which I showed her.

Approximately 10 minutes later, we bowed our heads and I heard Marilyn pray and bow that broken heart of hers, and give all she knew about herself to all she knew about Jesus Christ.

She gave me an innocent little hug as I left and couldn't thank me enough for helping her realize that no one is beyond hope. Friends, I was honored to rejoice with Marilyn for the Assurance of her Future Existence and the Insurance for her Final Expenses.

I didn't have another appointment until 2:30 when I left her house, so I got on the I94 Expressway and drove about 20 miles east towards Detroit, crying and rejoicing with Isaiah 55:11 singing its sweet promise to my happy soul, "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: IT SHALL NOT RETURN UNTO ME VOID, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." (caps mine)

Praise God for our loving Saviour who's still in the forgiving business and never tires of seeking and saving those that are lost!!!

****I purposely changed her name to Marilyn in this post to protect her identity.

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