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Children Are Not A Burden, But A BLESSING
By Brian Price 11/6/2013

"Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways. For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table." - Psalms 128:1-3

Isn't it sad that we have people out there who think that children are a "burden" or an "inconvenience?" According to the Bible, children are a blessing. Not a burden. Not a nuisance. But a BLESSING. We read here in Psalms 128 about the man who is promised to be blessed because he fears the LORD. This is referring to a saved man. God promises to bless the man that loves him with children. In the early years of the United States, it was not uncommon for families to have a lot of children. Nowadays, our country thinks having one child is normal. Granted, some people cannot have more than one child, and that's not their fault. That's just the way life is sometimes. In Genesis, we read about people like Jacob who had 12 sons, not including daughters. When he later saw his older brother Esau after many years, Esau asked him, "Who are those with thee?" Jacob responded by saying, "The children which God hath graciously given thy servant," (Gen. 33:5). You see Jacob understood who gave him his children. Sure he may have had a small part in the creation of the children, but ultimately, God had to take Jacob's seed and form his children by hand. Each child is a blessing from God, even those with deformities. God created them and he loves them. It is a great responsibility (and a great privilege) to raise children. God gave them to us, and we ought to take good care of them. And finally notice that Psalms 128 says that this man's wife would be like a vine that grows by the sides of his house. When you look at a grape vine, you find that it has clusters of grapes. And then of course if you plant those seeds from the grapes, and those seeds grow into more grape vines, and so on and so forth. That's how it is when we have children. They grow up and have children, and then they have children, and so on. The cycle never stops. That's why it is important to teach them the Bible, so that they can teach their children, and they can teach their children, and so on. And then in a thousand years, you will have an entire nation who loves God. That's the plan and will of God for each Christian family.

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