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by Brian Price 5/21/2012

Today I would like to discuss the joke of atheism.

There once was a man who said there is no God.

He studied hard at the university believing everything he was told by his professors.

One day, as he was walking down the street to go get a beer at the local pub, a Christian stopped him, and asked him a simple question.

If you died today, would you go to heaven?

The atheist replied, I don't believe in God, and therefore there is no heaven.

The Christian said, Sir, that is quite silly.

Have you ever read Hebrews chapter 3?

The atheist replies, I am sure I have. I have read the entire Bible, and I know it better than most Christians!

The Christian goes on to say, Oh good. Well then you must know what Hebrews chapter 3 verse 4 says. It says, For every house is builded by some man, but he that built all things is God.

You see, every house is built by some man. Have you ever SEEN the person that built your house?

The atheist replies, No I haven't. I rent my house, and therefore only the owner of the house has met the person who built it.

The Christian continues his illustration:

Well here is something incredible, you have absolute faith in the fact that SOMEONE built your house, yet you have never SEEN him, neither have you met him. And at the same time, you DENY the One who built this world, and who gave you life. You have total faith that this man who you have never seen before built your house, yet you have a total lack of faith in God who created everything around you. Sir, that is quite a joke if you ask me.

The atheist replies, Haha, you Christians are so crazy. You believe in a book written thousands of years ago.

The Christian replies, You have faith in books too. Your college textbooks were written by men and you count them as infallible. You do not question them, so therefore, you have faith in books too.

Let me read to you Psalms 14:1...

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good."

Sir, I hope you realize that what you believe is a much bigger joke than what we believe.

If You Died Today, Would You Go To Heaven?