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Christian Challenges Every Atheist on the Planet! (Atheism is funny part 11)

Watch Atheism Is Funny Part 11 from bprice144 on GodTube.

If You Died Today, Would You Go To Heaven?

- Atheism is like an abusive husband, Part 2. :: A response video to a YouTuber who tried to blame God for Noah's flood. **NEW!!**
- Atheism Is Like An Abusive Husband, Part 1 :: A response to those who say eternal life would be like a torture. Dated 11/12/2013
- More Died Under Atheism Than In The Crusades :: A very interesting study into the lives of psychopathic mass murderers, and the false claim that they were not atheists. **NEW!! 11/20/2013**
- Atheism & Mental Patients :: Talking to some unbelievers is like talking to a mental patient. **Dated 11/4/2013**
- Atheism Is Funny, Part 7 - Rejecting God's Gift :: Why would anyone reject eternal life? **Dated 11/11/2013** NEW!
- Atheism Is Funny, Part 6 :: A reply to Thunderf00t. **NEW!! Dated 10/7/2013**
- Atheism Is Funny, Part 5 :: There is proof for God despite the unbelief of atheists. Dated July 2013.
- Atheism Is Funny, Part 4 :: Atheism teachs that a house can build itself without any builder.
- Atheism Is Funny, Part 3 :: "One of the most amazing realizations of the 20th century was that quantum mechanics, combined with relativity, allows something to come from nothing." - Lawrence M. Krauss :: Dated 10/27/2012
- Atheism Is Funny, Part 2 :: How did Alabama get so many rednecks? Spontaneously? Dated 8/23/2012
- Atheism Is Funny, Part 1 :: Proponents of atheism laugh at us for believing in a book, yet they themselves believe in books too.
- "Wasn't The Bible Written By Men?" :: See the answer. **Updated Article 10/26/2013**
- Atheism's False Prophets :: Jesus said, "Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets." - Luke 6:26. Dated 10/20/2013
- The Bible Describes Atheists PRECISELY! :: 2 Peter chapter 2 gives a total run-down of who atheists are, what they are all about, and what their end shall be. Dated 7/14/2013
- The Bible is NOT a Myth :: Atheist propaganda would you have you think that the Bible is nothing more than a religious text equal to that of fiction. Friend, nothing could be further from the truth. **NEW!! 6/5/2013**
- You Shall All Likewise Perish :: If you don't repent, then there's no other hope.
- Proof There is a God :: Is there a God? Many wonder where the proof is. Well, here is the proof, and there's quite a bit of it. **MOST IN-DEPTH ARTICLE ON THIS SITE**
- Don't Read His Book :: Tempted to read a book written by an unbeliever? Don't do it.
- The Proud Atheist :: "The fool has said in his heart, There is no God." - Psalms 53:1.
- ATHEISM IS A JOKE!! :: You DO believe in someone you have never seen. You believe in the person who BUILT your house, right? Why is it hard then to believe in God who built all things?
- Believe in God :: Quit being stubborn, and believe what God says.
- Once Saved, ALWAYS Saved :: A correspondence between Brian and an atheist.
- Laughing At God :: You think God is a joke? Think again.
- "Where Is Your God When Children Suffer?" :: God is right there with them.
- Do You Believe Abraham Lincoln Existed? :: Believing in someone you have never seen before is not that hard, nor that uncommon.
- Paul Was A Skeptic :: Did you know that the apostle Paul was a skeptic? He didn't believe Jesus was the Son of God.
- You Have NO Hope! :: Without God, you have absolutely no hope in this world.
- The Bible Proves Atheism Foolish :: A devotional study in the realm of atheism and its foolishness.
- Geocentrism (Or the Geocentric Model) :: Does the sun revolve around the earth, or visa versa?
- God - The baby killer? :: God is not a murderer. Debunking another false accusation against God.
- You Have Forsaken The LORD :: "...they that forsake the Lord shall be consumed." - Isaiah 1:28. Dated 5/6/2013
- Potholer54 Goes TOE 2 TOE w/ V.O.T. :: Potholer54 thinks he is so smart.


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